Grand ocean frontier outpost tour

You want to discover places where just a few people ever have been before you? The feeling of "standing at the edge of the world" turns you on? 

The human outposts in the middle of nowhere, with all their charm and ruggedness make your heart beat faster? 

You like lighthouses and the symbolism they submit? 

Some potentially tougher sailing is rather a challenge then something scary?

 If yes, then the "Grand ocean frontier outpost tour" is the tour for you!

Join me for seven days of adventure, exploration, fantastic experiences of nature but also for learning about Swedish culture, history and customs. You can expect a trip beyond average with the chance to spend time in an amazing environment, learn some Swedish songs to the sound of the guitar on deck in sunset, learn more about what life is like in Sweden in general and in the archipelago in particular. Why not become a real sailor and pick up all the knowledge about sailing and navigation that your skipper has to offer or just go for a wonderful sauna and swim in the Baltic sea at moonlight?

Before giving you a summary of the places that you will be visiting, let us go through some practical details that are special for this tour. Due to the nature of outposts, their rather remote locations as well as their exposure to the elements there will be some limitations and obligations that you have to be aware of. We cannot guarantee that all of the islands planned for in this tour really can be visited at every occasion. Weather in the outer archipelago can be unpredictable and plans might have to be changed on short notice. 

Depending on your own physical and mental strength as well as experience we might be able to attempt landfalls in some certain situations but since safety for ship and crew will always be put first, it is utterly the skippers decision if it is reasonable to follow a certain route under severe weather conditions. Some places might only be safely accessed in certain wind directions. Some crews might be able to do things others won't and since a chain can never be stronger than its weakest link the skippers decision will ALWAYS take into account the wellbeing of every single person on board. 

Due to the difficulty given by the absence of docks or other artificial mooring facilities in some places you will be requested to take part in the handling of the ship by means of towing, anchoring or similar duties. (Instructions and briefing will be given by the skipper and it is not necessary to have any experience of sailing in advance.) Should there be any uncertainties about weather conditions there will always be a variety of alternative ports and routes to choose from without necessarily ruining the next days plan.
Anyhow the most important part on any trip should be to have fun and to do what you like. On board we will together act as one crew and together we will figure out what we can and want to do!